The vastness of the sky proves that when situations limit your growth, there is always up there that would never limit your Jump.

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Time to love and forget hatred.

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How much of our time is spent in hating one another. Jealous,  envious and plain hatred simply hurt our conscience and bruise it day after day and dies a slow death. If we on


the other hand start loving and spread love. It do be more easier to live and explore this life in a much more optimistic and positive way.


Lets all forget our grudges and look at the brighter side of things and move on, try to rectify our soar relations and sweeten the already lovely loved relation we cherish.

This life was made beautiful so let be.


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Brainy POWER!

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True Happiness!

Happiness is not how much a man possesses, its about how much happy and content a man is with what he possesses.

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Learning from your nightmare.

How it is to have a nightmare and to wake up with shriek. But its great to learn from your fears. 

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Life is full of surprises, U can’t get best of both the worlds in this world.

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The word Entrepreneurship is the latest hot buzz. With corporations shedding off work force as if a contestant loses his/her fummy (fat+tummy)on the Biggest Loser Show. Jobs lost by tens and thousands and other corporations not incorporating and cooperating the jobless corporates in their corporations leaves the lost lot, with only one option. To empower themselves. To become self-employed. Hence, this journey of pursuing a unique idea to build a business and an identity is what defines Entrepreneurship. Unique Idea. Tom might open a café that might look like anyother café in the whole wide world doesn’t interpret into an entrepreneurial venture. It’s just like any other business, any other Read the rest of this entry »